“American Banksters” Reminds Presidential Candidates the Housing Crisis Is Not Over


For too long, the rules of Wall Street have been written by the bankers themselves. The result was the financial crisis that cost Americans millions of jobs, along with billions in taxpayer-funded bailouts, and trillions of dollars in pension funds, home values, and retirement savings.

Remind Presidential Candidates the Housing Crisis Is Not Over.
You Can Take Action!

Sign the Petition: Click here

For those who have forgotten (or never fully understood) the tawdry details of the housing bubble and foreclosure epidemic, the Opportunity Agenda breaks it all down in “American Banksters.”  This three-minute video aims to inspire public activism and help bring pressure upon the presidential candidates to address the housing crisis.

Viewers are urged to sign a petition calling for a commitment by both candidates to stop needless foreclosures, expand affordable rental housing, and revive a sustainable path to homeownership.  Sign the Petition: Click here

Remind Presidential Candidates the Housing Crisis Is Not Over.
You Can Take Action!

Sign the Petition: Click here


Home for Good is a national campaign that is driven by individuals and organizations throughout the nation concerned about the enduring foreclosure and housing crisis. While the National Council of La Raza launched the campaign in April 2011, it has been adapted by many to respond to the individual needs of their neighborhoods. The Opportunity Agenda, National CAPACD, National Urban League, Kirwan Institute, Center for Responsible Lending, and National Fair Housing Alliance have been among our key partners in this effort and we are excited to watch the Home for Good list grow.Home for Good was designed to ensure that local and national leaders do not forget about the many who are on the brink of foreclosure, struggling to find an affordable rental, or losing critical resources—such as housing counseling—which have proven to help families hold on to their homes.

The Home for Good campaign is here to indeed voice these concerns but to also highlight positive models that are working in the housing market. In 2011, the H4G campaign advanced housing policy reform to preserve what for many families is their largest singular asset—their home. In 2012, we hope you will join us in expanding these successes and taking the campaign to more families throughout the nation.

4 thoughts on ““American Banksters” Reminds Presidential Candidates the Housing Crisis Is Not Over

  1. Nothing will stop the bankers and their lawyers in their illegal actions till they are criminally prosecuted and put in jail. Millions are losing homes and their life savings every day via an enormous fraud and still the same people are in charge.

    Join us today, Sunday, October 14th, at 1:00 pm EST – homeowners and foreclosure fraud activists are discussing the various options for fighting foreclosure and also sharing personal foreclosure fraud stories:

    Our first radio episode aired on October 6th – Foreclosure Fraud and its victims – and as of today has 748 listeners; see how this fraud is affecting our every day lives, our families and our kids’ future: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/senka/2012/10/07/foreclosure-fraud-exposed

    And here is a link to CBS Atlanta segment on foreclosure/mortgage securitization fraud, where MA Southern Essex County Register of Deed, John O’Brien, said:”My registry is a crime scene”, and I’m saying – Our country is a crime scene!

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