Is there life on MERSCORP in California?

I’d like to see someone ask the question – “[H]ow did Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems, Inc. enter the mortgage securities loan asset into the eRegistry system owned and operated by MERSCORP, Inc. nka MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. and/or transfer documents via the MERSCORP Holdings, Inc.’s membership’s employees without an agreement to commingle the assets… since these are separate and distinct corporations?”

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I’m obviously playing (with pun intended) off of an article authored by former MERSCORP, Inc. CEO R. K. Arnold (retired and presumed to be in hiding because no one wants to produce him for deposition) in his article, “Yes, there is life on MERS!”    I just want MERSCORP to know that we have lookouts watching your comings and goings at 1818 Library Street; since you’re watching this blog, turnabout’s fair play!

In a last-minute ditch effort, MERS-MERSCORP attorney Owen Campbell has filed an amended complaint on behalf of the electronic database and its parent corporation!  OMG!   Can you believe Paragraph #2? 

See the Amended Complaint

MERS wants a federal judge “in the alternative” to declare the California Quiet Title Statutes UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  Can you believe that horseshit?

If anything, “in the alternative”, I think we need to declare MERS’s business model unconstitutional!  How’s that for more horseshit Bill?


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2 thoughts on “Is there life on MERSCORP in California?

  1. You are so right
    In the time of my loan from November 2006 until foreclosure and eviction February 2012 I understand there was three different mers corporations
    The judges in California cannot see the forest for the trees

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