Former Gov. John Waihee launches new Homeowner SuperPAC on Sunday Radio


Gov. WaiheeDon’t miss this Sunday’s 3 p.m. Foreclosure Hour on KHVH-AM radio, featuring former Hawaii Governor John Waihee.

John and I are launching the HOMEOWNERS SUPER PAC on Sunday — a national political action committee providing financial muscle for what heretofore has been a sleeping giant.

This is the final solution, giving homeowners for the first time a seat at the nationwide decision making table.

Forget the overwhelmingly unfriendly federal and state courts and the phony federal and state agencies.

That has largely been a colossal and deceptive waste of time and energies.

Scrabble MONEYWe are instead going after major state reform legislation, organizing homeowners State by State with financial power, the only language the system understands or will every understand.

There are 5 major so-called banks and approximately 100 million of us homeowners.

The numbers speak for themselves.

John Waihee, with his extensive legislative, executive, and fund-raising leadership experience, has agreed to head the Homeowners Super PAC.

Starting this Sunday, we begin our effort to organize in every State.

Homeowner bill-of-rightsThe Super PAC will be promoting our unique Homeowners Bill of Rights and Wrongs that has been previewed on my radio show:

1. a new simplified and flexible, mandatory, five-page maximum, borrower-friendly form of mortgage, abolishing foreclosures in favor of conversion options protecting possession and equity;

2. A new mandatory state recording system, requiring proof of ownership of mortgage loans, or otherwise their escheat to the state to do with them as the people of each state decide;

3. The mandatory recording of copies of all promissory notes to end the rampant fraud in the present system and the threat to valid titles, and all of the usual phony chain of title disputes; and

4. The formation of a specialized mortgage court in each recorder’s jurisdiction staffed by knowledgeable judges to decide mortgage loan challenges.

And much more.

time for changeThis Sunday we will change the content of the present debate and end the useless cry babying blogging and professorial lecturing otherwise taking us nowhere, in favor of how change comes about in America: organization and money.

Otherwise, women would have no right to vote, blacks would be in separate facilities, and union organizers would be in jail.

It is the homeowners’ time in American history to organize.

Gary Dubin is with the Dubin Law Offices in Honolulu, Hawaii

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3 thoughts on “Former Gov. John Waihee launches new Homeowner SuperPAC on Sunday Radio

  1. Smart move by the former Gov. Although I dislike the superPACS that were created for political purposes to buy the elections and bankrolled by the Kochs wannabes thanks to Citizens United, the creation of a homeowner superPACS would be a thorn in the banksters’ backside. What Supreme Court may think Citizens United would benefit politically of unlimited political donations to the politicans never thought that the creation of superPaCS is not necessary for politics. Could you imagine if there were an Occupy Wall Street superPac or Glass Steagall act superPAC?

  2. Kudo’s to the former Governor that is now involved and supporting the Hawaii homeowners that homes ,that they have worked hard their life for, are being stolen from them by the big greedy banks. These banks have no ownership in these homes, never loaned the homeowner money, but are taking them in fraud foreclosures and getting away with it because 95 percent of the time the homeowner doesn’t show up in court. The foreclosure process takes a whole five minutes and another family is put out on the street days later. Our president reward this fraud with banker bailouts that we the tax payer get the bill and worst of all these same banks that have now stolen your home already were paid by trust they supposedly pooled into a security product on the stock market ( but they never made it into those trusts) and the same banks collected insurance money when the homeowner defaulted while waiting for the bank to do a loan modification. So the greedy banisters were paid three or more times on the same mortgage and they still want to steal your house.

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