America’s Homeowners’ SuperPAC Launched!

By Sydney Sullivan

wewilluniteDuring the weekly Sunday afternoon Foreclosure Hour broadcast, Honolulu attorney Gary Dubin and former Governor John Waihee announced the formation of the Homeowners’ SuperPAC.

“The time has come,” said Mr. Dubin, “where the voice of the American homeowner needs to be heard and the rights to live in their homes protected.”

In the United States, a political action committee (PAC) is a type of organization that pools campaign contributions from members and donates those funds to campaign for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation. Gov. Waihee and Mr. Dubin have designed a Homeowners’ Bill of Rights and plan to organize the Homeowners SuperPAC initiative in every state. If you missed the broadcast – click to listen here: Click link to the left for entire Inverview

your voice your voteIt’s not just about money, Governor Waihee and Mr. Dubin explained. There are over 100 million homeowners in America and uniting all of us will provide a very loud voice that cannot be overlooked by politicians. The American household averages 2.5 persons – that’s a lot of voters!

The system needs a change, the dynamic duo announced. “It’s time that not only mortgages, but also promissory notes are filed and registered in the recorders offices,” said Mr. Dubin. Let’s not forget to mandate that all publicly filed documents should be required to be dated – unlike those phony-baloney allonges.

We all recognize that this wrongful foreclosure process has caused states to lose the rights to their lands when the titles are unlawfully transferred to out-of-state investors (and sometimes to other countries). Mr. Dubin suggests that all states demand that the mortgage and note documents be filed and those mortgagees and note holders that cannot produce proper and legal title transfers will find that the property and title ends up in an escheat process to the state.

escheat-happens“This is a better solution than the eminent domain process currently being used by some cities to maintain properties and curve blight issues.”If the banks can’t prove legal title, then the property reverts to state,” said Gary. Escheat is a common law doctrine which transfers the property of a person who dies without heirs to the state. It serves to ensure that property is not left in “limbo” without recognized ownership.

“Every homeowner (and renter) is affected by foreclosure,” commented Virginia Parsons, Editor of DeadlyClear, “we need to unite and support each other and ask legislators and judges to listen to the citizens (and voters) rather than the banks. Maybe if we had united in 2008 changes would have already been made.” The time is now.

To find out more about the Homeowners SuperPAC and how you can participate contact:

Dubin Law Offices
Harbor Court, Suite 3100
55 Merchant Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
(808) 537-2300 (office)


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