Distressed Homeowners Need Lots of Help

Couple this with judges and politicians that are heavily invested in Wall Street and scared to death that they’ll be ruined and no retirement – just like millions of government , corporate and union employees already have been, and the millions of construction workers and baby boomers that invested in real estate and lost everything they thought they’d have for retirement. They don’t realize that they can’t save themselves – and that’s probably why a lot of them have been divesting and dumping bank stocks.

Justice League

Distressed Homeowners Need Lots of Help

“The government’s response to the foreclosure crisis is the equivalent of trying to put out a forest fire with an eye dropper.” — Senator Elizabeth Warren

While the foreclosure crisis continues to ravage communities around the country there’s a pressing need for homeowner education and empowerment. Maegan Nikolic, a single mom in Whittier California, can attest to that. Since 2010 she’s been run through the foreclosure wringer. She’s woken up to find notices of default tacked on to her door, hired a succession of lawyers to try and find some way to resolve the mess but at every turn ran into a brick wall. After the tears, the stress, the overwhelming anxiety Maegan with her small boy in tow and threatened with a forcible eviction left her house of 17 years.

Maegan’s story has been distilled down to a statistic; one that shows up…

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