Truth, Geithner and The American Way

Geithner should have gotten the boot a long time ago. His obvious prejudice against homeowners caused a huge hole in the recovery of the economy and added to the lack of confidence of the general public in the overall administration.

Justice League

Truth, Geithner and The American Way

If Timmy thinks that the American people are just simply going buy the fake beans that he is selling that he “saved” the economy and “helped” the struggling homeowners that got screwed by the banks, then you will be waiting for the cows to come home. Obama Administration’s biggest mistake was to hire the same Citigroup deregulators in the cabinet to allow the banksters and hedge fund managers to continue to destroy the financial economy globally and help create a total distrust by the American people of the banks and the financial system.

When Timothy Geithner orchestrated the bankers’ bailout, giving them a ‘wall of money’ without accountability, and without matching funds for ordinary Americans suddenly facing foreclosure–Geithner took justice out of the American political economy.

Hence the title.

If Geithner’s book “Stress Test” becomes the definitive history of the financial crisis–or even is…

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