Blackstone bet big on Majority Leader Cantor and lost

Populist consensus – “The issue is the Republican Party has been paying way too much attention to Wall Street and not enough attention to Main Street,” Mr. Brat said.
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Blackstone bet big on Majority Leader Cantor and lost

Majority Leader Eric Cantor was handed a shocking upsetdefeat Tuesday night, but he didn’t go down alone –Blackstone Group (BX) bet big on the moderate establishment Republican and now that investment is down the tubes, as Cantor is now on a path to private citizenship.

Washington and the Republican machine are still reeling after the second-most powerful man in the House was dethroned by a tea party Republican primary challenger who was outraised in funding 25 to 1 by the eight-term Cantor.

Of the more than $5 million Cantor spent defending his Richmond, Virginia district seat in the primary, a good chunk of that came from Blackstone, according to Cantor raised a total of $5.4 million.

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One thought on “Blackstone bet big on Majority Leader Cantor and lost

  1. Ha Ha Ha! The people have had more than enough, the trust is gone and more of this will follow. The people do not trust the two headed forked tongued beasty vampire squid government anymore. Banks lose, two down many more will fall. I say two, due to Seattle has a new counsel member that is from a socialist party that broke over a hundred years of traditional voting. Not that I agree with socialism, but this is telling of how hungry people are for a new government.

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