Why Title Insurance Is A “Joke” When It Comes To MERS …

And there are always patents…

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The author of this blog post is a consultant to attorneys in civil litigation matters involving real property law and has won two quiet title actions in his tenure of real estate ownership (as an investor and not as a former real estate agent).  For more information about the author, go to his website … CLICK HERE!  The opinions expressed in this blog are that of the author and does not constitute the rendering of legal advice.  If you need legal advice in matters involving foreclosure and other real estate issues, consult with an attorney who is qualified and competent to render such advice.  

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear a real estate agent or investor tell me that they’re not worried about issues involving their planned or recent real estate purchase or sale because “the title insurance will cover it”.  That is the biggest myth…

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2 thoughts on “Why Title Insurance Is A “Joke” When It Comes To MERS …

  1. The title companies use Schedule B which exempts them from being liable for liens and clouded titles that are not posted on county records. So the title insurance is ‘WORTHLESS” but the title companies get paid no matter what for concealing the crime.

  2. Schedule B does not exempt the realators nor the homeowners from liability So dont feel you are protected. Only the title insurance company is protected. The banks are so ruthiess and control the world, they dont care if they are protected. We will change that attitude before to long. Won’t we.

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