Why Do Banksters Get Help but Not Homeowners?

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Justice League

The Homeowners Loan Act of 1933 need to be revised and updated today. The loan act in 1933 was  to refinance home mortgages that were in default or at risk of foreclosure due to the 1929 crash and the collapse of the housing industry. Sounds familiar to what happen in 2008? By the way, by 1934, about one in five mortgages in America were owned by the corporation. And how many loans today are owned by the government? About 60%. About 20% of the loans in this country are owned by the banks.

It’s time to start helping the people, and stop helping Wall Street.

According to an agreement announced earlier today, big bank Citigroup will pay $7 billion to settle a Department of Justice investigation into that bank’s involvement with risky subprime mortgages.

The agreement stems from Citigroup’s role in the trading of subprime mortgage securities, which helped to cause the…

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One thought on “Why Do Banksters Get Help but Not Homeowners?

  1. The only way the people are going to have justice and not injustice is to vote out every politician enabling this crime. Litigate against these crooks with every dime and effort you can muster. It is up to the people to gain justice it is apparent the justice is not coming from the government and their feeble attempts to make it look like they are doing something for us, when they are in reality letting the banks off the hook and screwing the people. Flat out injustice.and treason as far as I see it .

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