Report: Foreclosure-related suicide up 250 percent

Wonder when somebody will study the cancers and heart attacks caused by the stress inflicted during modifications and foreclosures?

Justice League

According NBC News, the number of people who make that grim decision jumped 253 percent between 2005 and 2010.

“Foreclosure may be exceptionally stressful, because it is very protracted and consists of multiple negative events,” said Katherine A. Fowler, a CDC researcher and lead author. “… Other studies show that people tend to become more depressed about negative life events for which they feel personally responsible, and for which they can’t control the outcome.”

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One thought on “Report: Foreclosure-related suicide up 250 percent

  1. So, Banks and corporations can be prosecuted for murder?
    ….After all, they are “Persons”. Wasn’t it the banks fraud that led them to take such drastic measures? just wondering.

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