Attorney rips Freddie Mac over leaving neighbors to maintain vacant, mold-infested home

Justice League

The issues at 1053 Janet Ave. are nothing new in Ypsilanti Township.

The derelict and once unsecured home’s grass is mowed by neighbors and the odor from a severe mold infestation is identifiable from the sidewalk.

And like multiple other homes the Ypsilanti Township Office of Community Standardstackled in recent years, its mortgage is nowheld by Freddie Mac, which officials say has neglected the property and let it deteriorate to a point that the township considers it a public nuisance and is asking a judge to order it secured and cleaned.

The condition also prompted Township Attorney Doug Winters to rip Freddie Mac in a letter to the company detailing issues at the 1,008-square-foot home and offer his thoughts on the failure to maintain or secure the property since it took over the mortgage in March 2013.

“This is absolutely unbelievable and even more egregious when…

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