Jon Stewart blasts ex-AIG chief: ‘Go f*** yourself’ for crying over $184 billion bailout

Ain’t that the truth?!

Justice League

Daily Show host Jon Stewart shredded former AIG head Hank Greenberg for arguing that the federal government stiffed his company with a $184 billion bailout package six years ago, saying his company did a lot better than the average person did asking for a loan from AIG.

“Hello, Mr. Greenberg,” Stewart said, impersonating a loan officer. “You’ve asked us for $184.6 billion for 90 percent of your company, which is only worth $15 billion … go f*ck yourself.”

Stewart pointed out that, while the U.S. paid more than 1,000 percent of AIG’s market value at the time of the bailout, Greenberg filed a lawsuit painting himself as a victim of government extortion.

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