Fannie, Freddie form new company to develop single GSE bond

Why would we want these same people to continue their scheme until there are some substantial regulations in place?

Justice League

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have taken another step in the development and day-to-day management of a single GSE bond by joining together in the formation of a new company.

The two companies established Common Securitization Solutions, a jointly owned limited liability company, with the goal of facilitating the design and eventual implementation of the single GSE bond through the Common Securitization Platform.

Common Securitization Solutions will operate the Common Securitization Platform once it is established, although there has been no acknowledgment of a specific timeline for the development of either the single GSE bond or the Common Securitization Platform to this point.

When the GSE’s conservator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, released its proposal for the “Single Security” in August, the agency said that it would take “multiple years” to build the single security.

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One thought on “Fannie, Freddie form new company to develop single GSE bond

  1. Terry Edwards, Fannie Mae’s Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) allowed a FNMA key executive (KariAnn Moore) to rubber stamp an ‘endorsement’ and present as fraud upon a federal court in 2011 when she wasn’t even employed by the recited lender named on the Note; and she was, in fact, never employed by the lender, cause the lender never existed; but she was however (conveniently a Director of the recipient of the illegally endorsed note as assignee in “PHH”) but she left PHH in 2006 before joining FNMA as a key executive.

    But then this same FNMA employee who is a key executive at FNMA, is used to endorse – over to PHH – as ‘assignee’ a non-existent recited lender’s non-existent rights to an unenforceable note . . . while under Terry Edwards watch as CEO of PHH – before he comes over to FNMA as EVP/COO in 2009.

    And of course this is all civil and criminal conduct resulting from the MERS mess engaged heavily by PHH and its team – then FNMA under this same ‘executive’s’ watchful eye in Terry Edwards?

    So now, this same EVP/COO (Edwards) who couldn’t control criminal conduct at his former company in PHH (30 years under his control) – couldn’t control the MERS mess within his own company – and now wants us, the taxpayer-owners of FNMA/FMAC, to allow this same executive and his minions to control an offspring of MERS – in a mini-me version of MERS – called “CSS?” I don’t think so. . . there better be some serious federal regulatory investigations into this botched insemination.

    With this so-called CSS board member including Edwards in its role call – demands some serious – serious – not half assed but serious – investigation into his and his former entities’ criminal conduct (PHH) – there are cases against PHH all over the country – many that PHH lost – while under Edwards’ command – to allow this gang to continue after they’ve already destroyed and violated so many laws and privileges – to be allowed a second chance at termination of our once viable society – I really don’t think so America wake the fuck up . . .

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