A Mangled Case of Justice on Wall Street

And one wonders why there were political changes made in this election?! If Republicans are smart they will own the entire 14th Amendment and not just a portion. They’ll bring back Barry Goldwater’s philosophies and protect people and their property rights. And if they do – Dems can kiss 2016 good-bye.

Justice League

By Dwight Haskins..

It is starting to make more sense why I was denied justice when I had a strong case and more than enough evidence to convince any impartial jury. The government could not afford to allow me to have my case heard. Had they done so, my evidence would also have supported the fired examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with her whistleblowing case. The bank examiner at the Fed, Carmen Segarra, allegedly turned in a negative assessment of Goldman Sachs. When she refused her supervisors’ demands to change the rating assessment, she was escorted out of the building and fired.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York was able to get the judge to throw out the case for the slightest technical reason — in fact, any independent legal authority will attest that the judge misapplied the law. Judge Ronnie Abrams, an Obama appointee…

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