Shocking! Wells Fargo’s Foreclosure Fraud Handbook

Wells Fargo — the largest mortgage servicing company in the country — was recently busted for creating and sharing a handbook that instructed their employees on how to commit fraud. Ring of Fire guest host Farron Cousins discusses this with attorney Mike Burg. The WellsFargoForeclosureAttorneyManual on how to craft fraudulent foreclosure documents and its patent software program VendorScape are designed to defraud the homeowners and the courts. Shouldn’t the judges care?


2 thoughts on “Shocking! Wells Fargo’s Foreclosure Fraud Handbook

  1. The messed up part is no body seems to care.Not even when you have huge screw ups in the fabricated docs,conflicting amounts,amounts on the hud-1 that are make believe and could never have been.Then you have all the mod fraud,the points of contact like 15 for me but again it doesnt seem to get traction.Also not so many folks help each other out as far as info and input[besides sites like this and others]but one feels very alone and frustrated,wow what a country and when did it get so crooked?

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