New York Regulator Poses Formidable Threat To Mortgage Servicers

To understand Ocwen you have to comprehend all of Altisource’s software platforms… Along with Wells Fargo’s VendorScape and LPS Desktop – because they are all vertically and horizontally integrated… And ultimately connected to Fidelity National and American Title…yeah, get it yet? Look ’em up in the USPTO.

Justice League

Benjamin Lawsky, a relatively unknown New York State regulator, has put the fast-growing non-bank mortgage servicing industry’s business model in jeopardy. Look no further than Ocwen Financial for proof of a servicing segment that remains marred in uncertainty.

Ocwen is reeling following a dispute with Lawsky that killed a promising a $39 billion acquisition of Wells Fargo’s servicing rights. News of the cancelled deal in mid-November sent the company’s shares down as much as 67 percent from their 52-week high. The stock has recovered slightly, but is still off more than 50 percent from a December 2013 high of $58.07.

Now, investors are left wondering whether the servicer – likened to a shark – will be allowed to continue feeding on new mortgages.

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