BOA Ordered to Pay $1 Million to Homeowner for Robo-Calls

Yes indeed, the system is in need of a change and judges with the ability to handicap a horse race… And not be first concerned with the value of their mutual funds. That, however, may well happen with the next crash as all pensions could experience a haircut to non-existent status and not because of homeowners who want to pay but can’t get modifications because foreclosure is more profitable for the banksters.

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Just back from Orlando where I had a 4 hour trial scheduled for five minutes. Of course nobody except the court knew that. Needless to say the trip to Orlando was a bust. Neither counsel — Plaintiff and Defendant — was pleased. The system is badly in need of change. Now we are told that it might be 2016 until we get a judge who can give us 4 hours.

Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel reports that Florida is back to #1 in foreclosures, even though major “lenders” are giving people a “break” from wrongful foreclosures by not pursuing evictions during the holidays. see

But in the meanwhile, BOA and Ocwen has been cited for not following the rules of the “settlements” that stopped criminal and civil prosecutions from the US Department of Justice. see BOA Fails tests: They still don’t…

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