The Reality of Mis-Perception – Bankster Brainwashing & Barack

Three years later and the mis-perception in the courts still lingers, false documents abound and UCC 3-301 is still bantered about to take control of an unendorsed, incomplete, non-negotiable instrument that never made it to the securitized trust before the closing date – and by NY law the late assignment should be void.

Deadly Clear

A good friend once said, “Perception becomes the reality.”

When opinion is accepted as fact, perception soon becomes reality, at least for those who share these opinions and cling to the resulting perceptions. Herein lies the reason for the division in America today and unless we make a concerted effort to separate perception from reality, opinion from fact, fiction from truth, that division will continue [JB Williams 2005].

While the President’s State of the Union speech was…

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One thought on “The Reality of Mis-Perception – Bankster Brainwashing & Barack

  1. The judges,and lawyers,Bankers,wall street= What not even a million.The American public,citizens,people who are somewhat ethical and honest = At least 260 million.Whats are problem?We could force them to be honest in one day if we were only semi organized.== Lame

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