Our FIRST US Supreme Court Victory! Unanimous!

Provided by Gary Victor Dubin, Attorney, Honolulu, Hawaii and Host of the Foreclosure Hour.

JesinoskiThe United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the homeowner holding that a TILA rescission is effective upon written notice within the extended three year period without the filing of a lawsuit.

Our Takushi case was one of the three accepted for review that was reversed.

Attached is the opinion in the lead case, Jesinoski. Click HERE for PDF.

This reverses in effect the adverse decisions in Takushi, Rundgren, Benner, Peyton, and many of our cases decided erroneously in our U.S. District Court and in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and in our State Courts that followed the opposite erroneous view.

This is a great victory for homeowners throughout the United States! More commentary to follow. Stay tuned to DeadlyClear.

The Foreclosure Hour can be heard on Sundays over the Internet and on KHVH radio in Honolulu at 3 pm HST.


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