Obama Pledges to Veto Measures Weakening Dodd-Frank Law

It’s about the one great issue he has supported. If it weren’t for the Dodd-Frank Act rehypothecation of your property (collateral) would still be running rampant. Now, in unison, all of us need to ask our US Senators if that clause retro-active? And if not make it so – that it protects our properties we didn’t know we risked!

Justice League

President Barack Obama pledged to veto any legislation that weakens new curbs on Wall Street as banks and the Republican-led Congress increasingly seek to roll back the Dodd-Frank financial-regulation law.

Obama included the message in his State of the Union speech Tuesday after the House approved a measure last week that would loosen some restrictions in the 2010 law. His remarks also come as Wall Street re-emerges as a force in Washington, having successfully attached one of its top legislative goals to a government spending bill that lawmakers approved at the end of last year.

“We can’t put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance, or unraveling the new rules on Wall Street, or re-fighting past battles on immigration when we’ve got a system to fix,” Obama said. “If a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things, it…

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One thought on “Obama Pledges to Veto Measures Weakening Dodd-Frank Law

  1. If anything, the Dodd-Frank Act should be stronger to protect the consummer. Bill collectors should pay their victims more than $2,000.00 for each violation. Everytime they refuse to answer or respond to a debt verification with an affidavit, it should be a violation

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