Under the Hood of a REMIC

Great investigative work – and we haven’t even begun the to understand and research rehypothecation! If we dig deep enough and compel discovery – we may find that our social security numbers are required as a part of the securitization package – and wouldn’t that, therefore, make us an unwitting participant in the scheme?

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I am curious person.  I love research.  So it’s no surprise that I would attempt to research the trust that allegedly held the loan on my house.  I scoured the web for information regarding Home Equity Asset Trust 2005-6.  At first, there was no success.  I found a bit of information concerning a few of the tranches, but nothing really major.  It actually took me several years to piece all of this together.  Here is what I found:


TRANCHE A1 – This is the tranche bought by JP Morgan and used as part of their employee 401(k) plan.  This is also one of the tranches in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

TRANCHE B1 – Broken up into smaller tranches, these were arranged by Deutsche Bank AG London and issued by Ixion PLC, an Irish company.

  1. Matrix 2007-1 Series 20 Tranche A B1
  2. Matrix 2007-1 Series 20 Tranche B…

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