The Cow Jumped Over the Moon – There Are Judges Killing the Titles

We think these judges have been brainwashed to be afraid that the entire system will collapse if homeowners are allowed to prove the fraud. It didn’t collapse in Iceland – and it stopped the growing debt. As long as these banks are allowed to securitize and rehypothecate our collateral – the debt will continue to skyrocket. We know it is over $700 TRILLION now, some say it is over $2 QUADRILLION… Do you have any idea how many zeros that is?! Personally, that is giving the judges too much credit to be so concerned. Think about it logically – they (or their higher-ups) are first trying to protect their delusion of retirement investment funds (a tie to Wall Street) – because why would a judge add to the moral decay of society by allowing banks to set the example of committing fraud? What kind of country would we have left anyway?

Deadly Clear

Reading the biased judicial opinion in the transcripts of the Florida case, Deutsche Bank vs. Renee Cuenca compels the apparent need to make an early opening statement.

Maybe it needs to be dialogue on a new television series – like “Fraud & Foreclosure” … or “Un-Justice”.

The Cuenca transcripts – like the more recent foreclosure orders dissing the borrowers’ rights to challenge the Assignment of Mortgages, instill a vivid picture of the “cow jumped over the moon.”  How does the Judge get from point A to point D without connecting the dots?

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