Robotic Signatures: Before You Admit THAT is YOUR Signature on the “Wet Ink” “Original”

Most people were rushed through the process and have no idea what they have signed. I read transcripts where a judge kept asking, “is that your signature?” – made me want to take one of his orders and SnagIt with one of his signatures and swap it out on the note – and ask him the same question…”is that your signature, your honor?”

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In a typical day in Court, the “borrower” is asked by the lawyer for the “lender” whether THAT is his or her signature on the note and the mortgage. The initial response is yes. By admitting that signature you have validated the note and mortgage and that you signed it and that the foreclosing party has it. That is a lot of admitting based upon a single “yes” answer.

My question to you is whether you have answered truthfully. Do you really remember what you signed, what was written on the documents and exactly how you signed each document? In most cases it is years before. The homeowner answers “yes’ because he or she knows they went to a closing and signed a bunch of papers.

It frequently does not occur to either…

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2 thoughts on “Robotic Signatures: Before You Admit THAT is YOUR Signature on the “Wet Ink” “Original”

  1. I always tell my clients merely to say that it looks like their signatures.

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  2. i got foreclosed, took the bank, mers and the attorney harmon law office to court. in the end i lost because i was pro se and chase hired one of boston’s top attorneys to represent them.
    here’s the thing, evidence means nothing in a court of law, it is all about procedure, and if you are pro se what do you know about procedure.

    i had all the signatures, i had an affidavit from andrew harmon claming the robo signature was in fact his, signed with his real signature which i had sourced on the mortgage documents to his family home.
    i had a mortgage blank endorsed.
    i had a notarized letter from a registar of deeds proclaiming that the assignment of mortgage was fraudulent.
    in 5 years in court including the superior court, appeals court, an appeal to a single justice of the supreme court and the brockton housing court not a single shred of the evidence i exhibited in my defense (housing court) and as a plaintiff (superior court etc) was ever looked at.
    from the courts perspective because i had not followed court procedure all my evidence was inadmissible.
    my advice to pro se defendants or plaintiff’s is beware of “failure to state a claim”

    i guess i can’t complain, i had a good run of it, 5 years against everything chase, mers, harmon law and the trial court of the commonwealth could throw against me.

    remember the court is not your friend, regardless of what the judge tells you they do not welcome pro se types into their court room. your chances of winning in a court room are directly proportional to the size of your bank balance.
    ps: i have added the website foreclosure prevention guide for anyone who is interested in andrew s harmon’s signatures, no other reason, not looking for google juice.

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