Geithner: “The End of Capitalism as We Know It” – New Economic Perspectives

Even the average political-minded among us knew Geithner Must Go early on in the Obama administration. But puppets don’t (and can’t) pull their own strings… only in animated movies – like the Twighlight Zone.

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The Huffington Post published an article yesterday titled “David Axelrod Describes the No Good, Very Bad Minefield of Obama’s Early Presidency“.  It is infuriating to know that those who were charged with bringing a resolution to the financial crisis only thought about what was in the best interest of Wall Street and not what was in the best interest of the nation as a whole.  In response to the article, Bill Black writes:

Timothy Geithner’s penchant for speaking about things he does not care enough about to get right has led to him uttering many of the most cringe-worthy phrases about the economic crisis. The latest example is in David Axelrod’s new book about the Obama administration’s response to the financial crisis. This column was prompted by Sam Stein’s piece in the Huffington Post about Axelrod’s key points.

“Axelrod was ‘livid’ when he found out that Geithner and…

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