The Foreclosure Crisis is Behind Us? Where? Who says?

Absolutely agree. It’s so close to total disaster proportions it is unspeakable. Don’t get me started. It’s calculated incompetence to say the crisis is behind us. We’re on a head on collision course.

Justice League

This won’t take long. It’s not like I want to write about this topic. It’s just that I feel obligated to say something here, because if you’re reading the mainstream news… or the lack of mainstream news… it could seem that the foreclosure crisis is now behind us… AND IT’S NOT.

In fact, I can tell you that it’s not even close.

Maybe the mainstream media has simply gotten tired of the topic. And it’s not like they’ve ever had a particularly good handle on what’s going on in real life when it come to foreclosures in general. So, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised at the latest coverage, or lack thereof.

But I am surprised.

As recently as September of last year, RealtyTrac has been reporting that the crisis is “well behind us.” In its U.S. Foreclosure Market Report™ for August 2014, were reported on 116,913 U.S. properties in August…

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