Breaking News Report: Website Attacked

Gary Dubin FHShortly after posting the Foreclosure Hour press release yesterday for today’s program, became inaccessible and the site remains down today, reports the system’s administrator. Coincidence? Not likely.

The Foreclosure Hour promises to bring us compelling new and overwhelming evidence that even after a $25 BILLION dollar settlement and Consent Judgment – the banks’ continue to commit and produce forgeries. Click HERE to listen to the show today at 3 pm Hawaii time / 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST. Spread the word, post to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and reblog this information everywhere possible as one of our leading news sites has been attacked. Thank you. published the following press release:

“Breaking news:

The Foreclosure Hour will have a genuine whistle blower on the show tomorrow who is going to reveal that he personally worked recently (four months ago) as part of an army of robos in one of four Bank of America mortgage assignment manufacturing factories throughout the country (he will name their locations and give vivid details including names), falsifying loan documents, signing under oath not before notaries who have been similarly false swearing, for MERS and for the Big Banks such as Chase and for Securitized Trusts such as Bank of New York Mellon, as their supposed Assistant Vice Presidents and supposed Assistant Secretaries, AFTER the Bank of America signed the AG National Settlement agreeing to stop the practice.

It is amazing the arrogance that the ruling banking class has, believing apparently true that it controls the U.S. Treasury Department and the U.S. Attorney General.

Gary the host of The Foreclosure Hour will be asking whether any of his listeners are being or have been foreclosed on as a result of such fraudulently sworn-to loan documents, including made-up allonges and falsely rubber-stamped endorsements on their promissory notes, recorded and used against them or that will be used against them in their foreclosure cases.

Gary will be asking if any state and federal judges and any state and federal legislators and any state recorders are listening and what if anything are they going to do about it or just themselves robotically accepting these false documents as evidence, ignoring one thousand years of Anglo-Saxon-American evidentiary jurisprudence.

I just cannot understand how our judges will be able to continue to kowtow and genuflect before such fraudulent evidence submitted to them by licensed banks and licensed attorneys in the future after tomorrow’s radio broadcast.”


5 thoughts on “Breaking News Report: Website Attacked

  1. I have the iheart radio station (KHVH 830) on my streaming device (Roku) so I can listen to the show live at 9:00 (EST) – hope D’s website is up and running soon and no permanent damage!

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