The statute of limitations expires this year for big bank mortgage frauds that crashed the economy in 2008, Leaving wall st lawless guarantees another, bigger, financial disaster!

Nothing more to say… Let’s everyone know – spread the word.

Justice League

Investmentwatch blog:

This is the last chance to get the DOJ to act on Alayne Fleischmann’s evidence of felony mortgage securities fraud, which she witnessed when she was at JP Morgan Chase from 2006 – 2008.

She’s a securities lawyer by training, but worked as a deal manager there.

Her documentation of the fraud she witnessed, and tried to stop, as well as her depositions with the SEC and DOJ lead to the increase in the civil penalty (13 Billion) JPMorgan paid in November (9 Billion after their tax write offs !!)

I have a chase card. Prosecuting bank officers for fraud will not crash the institution. It will make it stronger, and the system as a whole.

We have 6 1/2 years of evidence that civil penalties offer no deterrence ……we’ve gone from securities fraud to money laundering, commodities rigging, international rate rigging etc……

Banks don’t commit fraud. Bank…

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