U.S. judge refuses to toss Libor criminal complaint vs. Swiss UBS trader

“Darin had no idea that submitting a false report could be construed as a crime in the United States. ” The way bankers lie, cheat and steal – why wouldn’t it appear legal? If it were one of us, the judge would sternly lean over the bench, squench his eyes and say, “you knew or should have known!”

Justice League

There are so many interesting jurisdictional issues in the U.S. government’s prosecution of foreign bankers allegedly involved in the manipulation of benchmark London Interbank Offered Rates, calculated in London under the auspices of the British Bankers’ Association. Last December, Covington & Burlinglaid out at least three solid arguments for why U.S. courts shouldn’t hear the government’s criminal case against Roger Darin, a Swiss UBS interest-rate trader charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud by supposedly submitting false reports of UBS’ yen Libor, including the territorial limits of the U.S. wire fraud statute and Darin’s due process right not to be tried in U.S. courts for conduct that took place entirely outside of the United States.

But in an opinion issued Friday, U.S. Magistrate Judge James Francis of Manhattan made clear that Libor defendants aren’t going to be able to slough off U.S. criminal charges with jurisdictional…

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One thought on “U.S. judge refuses to toss Libor criminal complaint vs. Swiss UBS trader

  1. So, I’m guessing Lanny Breur is pulling down soo-per big bucks at Covington defending white collar guys. Actually, he ‘defended’ these Mafiosi all the while he was at ‘justice’ too. He’s just the same sleezeball no matter WHAT side of the revolving door.

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