Ocwen – Wells Fargo Whistleblower Lawsuit Unsealed l WNR

I see a very deep hole that Wells Fargo is going to have trouble climbing out of – especially when the patents surface.

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The mortgage chicanery spotlight is once again focused on Wells Fargo & Co. and Ocwen Financial Corp. A federal False Claims Act whistleblower complaint unsealed yesterday claims that Ocwen, the nation’s largest mortgage servicer, was double dipping and keeping monies that should have been paid to Fannie Mae.

Ocwen Financial Corp. Facing Mortgage Servicer Fraud Case
Ocwen Financial Corp. is a leading mortgage servicer that services an estimated 1 million mortgages, collecting payments of behalf of banks and other entities. Mortgage servicers have taken over this function for many of the major banks and litigation asserting misconduct within the mortgage servicer industry abounds.

According to filers, Mr. and Mrs. Schiano, who filed the False Claims Act complaint in September in the Southern District of New York, Ocwen and Wells Fargo pocketed the payoff money derived from the Schianos refinancing their home mortgage and also reported a default to U.S. government…

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