Over 600 pretender lenders have disappeared. Alien bank abductions?

Clouded Titles Blog

The author of this post is a consulting expert to attorneys and also conducts chain of title assessments and drafts quiet title pleadings.  The information shared here is NOT to be construed as legal advice, but is for the educational enlightenment of the reader.  In all matters involving real property, it is suggested you consult an attorney who is highly versed in quasi in rem matters. 

Imagine if you will … (Rod Serling … tongue-in-cheek LOL) …

You get out your original mortgage or deed of trust, suspecting that the original lender may not have been a real lender at all.  But how can you tell?

The first plausible idea came from research done by a multitude of paralegals (and subsequently homeowners like Linda Nash of Seminole County, Florida, whose final order is published below), revealing that within the Secretary of State’s database for ANY State in the Union, that…

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