Absolutely agreed. How did local planning commissions allow HOAs and COAs to create such restrictive rules? How did state legislatures write such oppressive laws where HOAs can foreclose ahead of the mortgagee for merit less fines and excessive fees? Lobbyists are in every form of government and it should be unlawful to have conversations outside of public meetings – just like the Sunshine rules.

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This piece is a partial op-ed commentary based on factual research.  If you think you may be facing similar issues, it is best to consult with an attorney who is well versed and qualified to render a legal opinion in such matters. 

It never ceases to amaze me that property owners “didn’t see this one coming”, when they bought into an HOA or COA (acronyms for Homeowners Association and Condominium Owners Association), which charge exorbitant monthly fees and put what I consider excessive restraints on any given property owner’s behavior.  This has prompted me to write a fourth commentary about taking a hard look at evaluating a purchase of property tied to these types of issues.   While I give credit to Stop Foreclosure Fraud for posting this article this morning, it “trips my trigger” as to my arguendo about banks NOT taking immediate title to a foreclosed piece of…

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