It’s a shame when politics intervenes and becomes more powerful than justice.

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It is rare that I see a bilingual “take” on the real issues as a result of the OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION, which you can download simply by clicking on the foregoing link … but I warn you, despite what the Orlando, Florida media have said … the results shown in this report are not a pretty picture.   In fact, I am thrilled that there is somebody listening (not just to my side of the story) and seeing the overall picture:  Osceola News Report

I say “BULLY!” to the Hispanic community in Osceola County, Florida … becauseTHEY CAN PLAY THE RACE CARD AGAINST THE SHERIFF!    I see lawsuits coming at Osceola County Sheriff Robert Hansel in the coming election cycle!   

I never thought I’d find myself saying the foregoing, but given the circumstances here:

  1. If you notice the names in the Table of Contents…

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