OMG – Don’t you know it! The cost of foreclosure defense is unmeasurable because the banks have a computerized system and network designed to fee crank the average homeowner out if funds altogether so that foreclosure can be more easily accomplished.

A foreclosure attorney has to be prepared to appeal every case as the lower court judges are too often not willing or smart enough to inspect the documents or listen to the arguments.

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This short op-ed piece is a reminder of what I call “the second wave of foreclosure fraud”.  

Who would have ever thought that when you bought a piece of property that you would have to have a “war chest” with $10-$15,000 in it just to pay a real estate attorney to defend your property?

Who would have ever thought that between 2002 and 2008, institutions who claimed to “loan money” to buy a home (i.e., “The American Dream”) actually had no real part in the transaction, yet scammed the investor pools, many of which may include your retirement account, to pay for it all?

Who would have thought that when the predatory loans that borrowers were saddled with reset themselves that it would create a national calamity?

Who would ever thought that BEFORE these borrowers went to the “closing table”, that their loans were sold and re-sold multiple times?

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