Happy Holidays!

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(SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS) — DK Consultants LLC is pleased to announce that a Deerfield Beach, Florida foreclosure mill law firm is “going under” due to what it claims is a “slowdown in the foreclosure rate”.  (Don’t you believe that for one minute!)  Elizabeth Wellborn, P.A. has announced it is closing it’s doors after reports surfaced that contractors working for the firm haven’t been paid since September 30, 2015.  Wellborn firm activities surfaced in the OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION conducted by DK Consultants LLC in 2014 as being a “targeted law firm” for suspicious behavior in the drafting of documents for the purposes of manufacturing false documents to create standing for foreclosing plaintiffs.

The Big Short (movie) is also being released this month!  Treat yourself to a major Christmas present and go see this flick, even if it has been dramaticized over the main aspects of the famed Michael Lewis book…

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