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BREAKING NEWS!  (with a little op-ed thrown in for flavor …)

(KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA) — The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Osceola County’s complaint to the Department of Justice in Washington, DC has now been referred to the Tampa office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for follow-up.  The Clerk has personally informed me that he intends to “follow up” to make sure that the FBI is aware of 17 cases of hard evidence now in the hands of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Initially, on September 11, 2015, Osceola Clerk Armando Ramirez sent a letter [ Deputy Attorney General – Ltr Osceola County Clerk ] to the office of Deputy U.S. Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates, who put out a 7-page press release, declaring her department’s intent to seek out the wrongdoers who personally contributed to the financial collapse of 2008.  It appears that the DOJ is passing the buck to…

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