Foreclosure Hour – Surviving in an Inconsistent Legal System

Upcoming Discussion for Sunday’s THE FORECLOSURE HOUR
Sundays: 3 pm (HST) / 6 pm (PST) / 9 pm (EST). Click HERE to listen.

What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About the Latest Foreclosure Trends and Developments in American Law in Order To Survive in an Inconsistent Legal System Largely Out of Service Which Treats Like Cases Differently.

all-the-justice-money-can-buyIt is a natural law of Justice in virtually every legal system in the history of the world that “like cases should be treated alike,” except it seems in the field of foreclosure defense in America where national inconsistency has become the norm.

Thus, for nearly a tumultuous decade following (the continuation of) the Mortgage Crisis of 2008, American Courts have created a record of contradiction, confusion, and uncertainty, ignoring established rules of evidence and even its own case precedents governing other areas of the law, while often pompously looking the other way in the tradition of Pontius Palate, routinely favoring lenders, often misusing the doctrine of stare decisis to protect previously egregiously mistaken case precedents.

Exacerbating the crucifixion of homeowners has been the proliferation of conflicting judicial decisions, unprincipally treating like foreclosure cases differently between federal and state courts, treating like foreclosure cases differently between courts in different states, and treating like foreclosure cases differently even within the same federal or state court injustice-quotesand even among individual judges on the same multi-judge bench in the same jurisdiction.

Homeowners facing foreclosure need therefore to recognize such inconsistencies and understand the latest foreclosure trends and developments in their own particular jurisdiction in order to survive in a legal system largely out of service.

On this Sunday’s Foreclosure Hour, we will examine some of the most important recent foreclosure trends and developments nationally, illustrated in a few recent cases, encouraging listeners that in order to survive foreclosure, armed with knowledge of what other courts nationally may be doing, they need however nevertheless to better understand their own jurisdiction and their own individual foreclosure judge rather than primarily focusing as they too often do on what is happening in other state or federal jurisdictions or even what other judges are doing in their own jurisdiction.

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