Defunct Law Firm Sues Wells Fargo Over Foreclosure Work

Probably happening elsewhere as well.

Justice League

A New Jersey law firm that helped Wells Fargo Bank N.A. foreclose on thousands of homeowners has sued the lender, saying the bank’s delayed efforts to fix its robo-signing problems led the law firm to collapse.

Lawyers for the Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman law firm, which laid off most of its 335 workers last year, are accusing Wells Fargo of taking several years to comply with a 2010 New Jersey Supreme Court order that called for lenders to show that they were properly submitting mortgage details before foreclosing on a property.

The order, which required banks to submit their internal foreclosure policies, paralyzed foreclosures throughout the state. The average time for the foreclosure process—from filing the lawsuit to a sheriff’s sale—grew from about 200 days to about 1,000 days, according to documents filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark.

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One thought on “Defunct Law Firm Sues Wells Fargo Over Foreclosure Work

  1. Whatever man – I do not feel sorry for these guys. What? Waif? Didn’t they get a copy of the Well Fargo Foreclosure Handbook – where WF gave step by step instructions to the foreclosure mill about how to falsify and fabricatee documents to submit to court in order to take a home? Sorry but I am not sorry. A BK and foreclosure defense attorney Linda Tirelli in Upstate New York uncovered that embarrassing publication about five years ago. Don’t believe me? Google it.

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