The Coming Public Pension Meltdown: How Kingpins Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Were Used To Steal Public Pension Funds

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The Coming Public Pension Meltdown: How Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Were Used To Steal Public Pension Funds, Where Did All the Money Go, Who Has Been Covering Up the Theft, and How Every Homeowner Has Been and
Will Be Further Harmed by One of the Biggest Yet Still
Largely Concealed Financial Ripoffs in American History

Gary Dubin FHWe all know the devastating effects that the 2008 mortgage crisis has had on the American economy generally and tens of millions of homeowners personally and their families in the United States, while Pontius Pilate-like, federal and state judges and legislators have mostly looked the other way.

We are now faced with a yet even bigger, approaching financial disaster that this Nation’s local and state governments are equally unprepared for: the coming public pension meltdown that the federal government this time lacks the otherwise needed huge financial resources to adequately deal with.

Cities like Detroit have already had to file bankruptcy due to unfunded public pensions, and Chicago, Dallas, El Paso, Houston as well as other American cities, along with States like Arizona, California, Ohio, Hawaii, Illinois, and Nevada are said to potentially be next — all at risk due to unfunded public pensions affecting tens of millions of their retirees and their residents dependent on public services.

What is little known is that behind this next crisis in large part once again have been Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — twin Frankenstein monsters as it were — created, fed, and shielded by self-dealing federal politicians.

color-fannie-fredie-end-neaOn this Sunday’s show we will explore the hidden role that both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have played in bankrupting America’s public pensions and will suggest where the stolen funds went.

As public pension deficits increase, the financial strain upon homeowners and other taxpayers and everyone dependent on public services, whether in foreclosure or not, will also increase.

Knowing how the public pension crisis arose and why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the controlling entities furthermore behind MERS as well, are largely responsible for it, is knowledge essential in any effort to deal with it.

Our special guest this Sunday will be Virginia Parsons, who has devoted years researching the coming public pension crisis and who will for the first time share her unique findings with us. The Sucker Punch – The Elite’s Attack on Pension and Retirement Funds. What’s in your retirement account?

If you are a homeowner paying property taxes and dependent on government services and/or have or are earning a government pension, you cannot afford to miss this show.

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3 thoughts on “The Coming Public Pension Meltdown: How Kingpins Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Were Used To Steal Public Pension Funds

  1. Virginia – I appreciated and enjoyed what few comments you were able to get in last night (in between Gary & John’s enumerable interruptions to your answers). It almost seemed like they wanted to answer their own questions and just have you say, “right”… We never treat guests like that on our show… After all, when you bring in an expert, don’t you want to give them the widest berth possible to share their discoveries with the audience? I imagine I speak for more than myself when I say we look forward to hearing more of the details which you have uncovered but were skipped in this most recent interview. Do you have a white paper on this yet? Thank you for your diligence and hard work! -greg

    • Thank you and we’re glad you listened to the show. Actually, it’s not intentional jumping it’s in the way the radio station has it wired and station equipment. They can hardly hear me on their end because if it’s too loud on their end they get feedback and echo. Gary and John are in their office, the station is down the street and I’m on phone from another island. We’re all passionate about the issues and sometimes it feels like an hour is just too short to get in all the points – which we didn’t get to discuss last night.

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