The Habitat for Humanity Scam – Disguised as a charity.

This ought to infuriate just about everyone… How much have we all in construction DONATED to Habitat for Humanity?! Well, let me shed some light on costs to build affordable housing, especially when there is so much labor donated. Separate the materials from the labor and materials will run about $36 -$42 psf on the high side. Full on licensed labor is usually less than $65 psf. Even if nothing is donated an entire affordable home would cost less than $100 psf. The larger the floor plan the less per square foot – it decreases.

What I found astounding, but not surprising is that Habitat for Humanity is in bed with Fannie Mae, of course… never miss a nickel or a chance to land grab, huh?

Community Organizations Through partnerships at the community level, Fannie Mae is able to meet the needs of families in a far more direct and impactful way. We work with established organizations in communities across the country to prevent foreclosure, revitalize neighborhoods, address homelessness, and much more. For example, in 2011 we partnered with HomeFree-USA, local community and elected officials, and area mortgage servicers to open a Mortgage Help Center in Prince George’s County, MD, to help struggling homeowners in the Washington, DC area. (Read more about Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Centers on page 19 of this report.) Also, as a result of our long-standing partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Fannie Mae employee volunteers built and refurbished homes and properties in particularly hard-hit communities. See A Report on Fannie Mae’s Mission Activities

These guys would securitize their mothers! How horrendous is it to target the poor and then overcharge them for their fictitiously free home – and then have the kahunas to foreclose on these folks?!  Look in your land records office – these crooks even did 80/20 loans – and for someone who cannot afford a home any other way – that sure stinks like intent to tilt the homeowners right on into foreclosure.

Every state in the nation ought to sue the Habitat for Humanity organization, audit their books, follow the money and throw them out of the state! Deceptive advertising is the least of this – targeting the poor for the profits of securitization is morally corrupt;  nah, worse than that – morally and mentally bankrupt.



It’s been a awhile since i posted anything, mainly because I was busy and as real life has a habit of doing, forces you to deal with it.  While I was dealing with life, I had spoken with a neighbor who asked that I sit in with a group of neighbors on the street to hear their story.   The people involved are homeowners who received their homes via Habitat for Humanity.

I’ve always thought of Habitat for Humanity as a good charity who helps people get a home, that they otherwise wouldn’t get.  And that was as a far I as I saw it.   I never went through the process they have, and didn’t dig much into how they operate. I assumed like most that this charity was good and my thoughts never went past that.

So I went and sat with the ten families on my street who…

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4 thoughts on “The Habitat for Humanity Scam – Disguised as a charity.

  1. Same crap Goin on in Maui, Hi. They built a narly condo smack in the middle of a small neighborhood. The parking lot is right next to homes that were there for years and also next to a DRUG house. Idiots! I didn’t want my daughter to live there but they wanted to be on their own. They did more than their share of sweat hours and thought their monthly payment was going to be affordable but that changed and so did the final price. Their truck got stolen probably by a druggy or angry neighbor and she was afraid to be there with their child. I was afraid for them too.The condo felt like an old folks home with a scary elevator ride, eerie hall way and one of the ugliest parking lot ever.Thank God they decided to move no matter what habitat contract they had. We now expect habitat to buy the condo back and clear their name from that nightmare so they can buy a real place. What a bunch of crooks! They have No respect for anyone.

  2. Habitat for humanity is a scam. Especially if you are dealing with habitat for humanity of Montezuma county. I am a scammed home owner with a badly remodeled house that is not up to code. All new donations where scammed out for used and damaged goods. Where is the new Kohler sinks, tubs, toilets, and faucets. We have all old including shattered toilet. New Sears appliances we’re scammed out for damaged wall appliances from local Sears store. They made the newly shipped appliances disappear. We we’re promised a new disability home. When new director Molly greenlee Hoffman took over as director which her in-laws and board of directors put in charge she told us we are not a good fit cause we are old and disabled and undeserving because we are not contributing members of the community any more and should have never been chosen. So she took away our disability home and gave us an over priced reck from 1956 drug house. The remodel was not done with any contractor. Then while we were sick and just out of the e.r. she had us sign a contract with them that was not even close to the agreement. So we are now glorified renters for 20 years. And must pay a 5 percent penalty if we try to pay it off early we are also being charged for a grant that we did not qualify for and the grant was a material grant for materials never used on said home. We no say about our property for 20 years and must ask their permission to repair their bad work and it must be done by a quality contractor at our experience. This house was appraised by their people who overpriced the home by 50 thousand. Stuck with a home that a dying wheelchair bond husband can’t hardly get in and out of. Not to mention the 200 hours of service he was forced to do by them. Miss Molly made him dig a front yard until I got his doctor and case worker involved. But he still was forced to do it. After my hours had been completed she continued to force me to do 25 hours a month until all hours were done for a total of 400. She would upset this poor disabled man until he would give it his all, then she would remove his hours cause she didn’t approve that particular day a day when they were removing appliance and when new toilets and other materials were delivered and removed. While they did so they rammed a truck into corner of home. Damage is still there. Will someone please help us. We are seniors who husband was disabled many years ago and constant care has contributed to my injuries and brokenness like no other life experience. We worked hard all our lives. Volunteered in our communities and helped all who GOD sent our way. Now that we need someone to stand up for us there is no one that wants to come against habitat for humanity because of the people who now run it in our county. HELP oh LORD please send someone to help 🙏.

  3. Hello all, my name is Juan Ramirez. I am an undergraduate student at the UCLA. I have also been victimized by Habitat for Humanity. Currently, I am working toward collecting evidence and narratives of Habitat for Humanity’s abuses. If you are willing to share your story, feel free to contact me at

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