Why Do Lower Court Foreclosure Judges Appear to be So Dense?


The Rule Ritual: Revealing for the First Time the Centuries Long Hidden Linguistic Origin of Rule Enterprise Reasoning Misleading Today’s Foreclosure Courts

The Foreclosure Hour this Sunday turns attention away from individual cases to share with listeners some original basic research.

We will for the first time anywhere reveal new insight into the foreclosure crisis by challenging the basic philosophy behind the traditional legal reasoning of American Courts and hence of the entire legal profession.

On this Sunday’s live show we will explore the deep-seated, heretofore unseen semantic causes of the foreclosure crisis and the even broader lessons we can learn from such basic research to improve the functioning of our entire legal system.

Surprisingly, few realize that centuries old foreclosure rules originally were designed to assist and to protect homeowners, yet today the very opposite is true.

Today’s show reveals fundamental flaws in the way all of us, most importantly our judges, have been viewing Rules, identifying an egregious error in legal reasoning endemic to our entire institutions of governance that not only has been instrumentally unfairly abusing homeowners, but which by transforming most of our judges into word robots is now threatening all of our governmental institutions.

We promise that listeners to this ground breaking show, including any judges, legislators and attorneys listening, will never view Rules in the same erroneous way ever again.

This new, accurate understanding of the difference between a “Rule” and a “Rule Statement” promises to ultimately impact our social sciences in the same way the splitting of the atom impacted our physical sciences.

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Gary Victor Dubin
Dubin Law Offices
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Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Office: (808) 537-2300
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