Did your state Attorney General deny your LPS/Black Knight FOIA request? Contact the ACLU!

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LPS-300x178 State AGs have not forced LPS/Black Knight to comply with the Consent Judgment

Editor’s Note:  Eric Mains, a former FDIC Team member who saw the securitization fraud first hand, has been encouraging homeowners who are in foreclosure, or were foreclosed upon, to send FOIA requests to their state Attorney Generals and ask for information about the enforcement of the LPS/Black Knight consent judgment they signed.  The LPS consent judgment was agreed to by all 50 state AGs and it appears the states took the funds, but did little else to ensure compliance with the order- including the remediation of fraudulent documents filed in county records.  For background on FOIA strategy and Eric Mains, see here and here, and listen here.

Filing a Complaint with the ACLU if the AG’s office in your State refuses to Comply with An FOIA/Public Records Act Request regarding the LPS Consent Judgment

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