Special Seventh Year Anniversary of The Foreclosure Hour, Sunday October 22, 2017 – 3 PM HST

Wells Fargo Bank v. Erum — When Is a “Notice of Default” a Notice of Default and When Is It Not?

Nationstar Mortgage v. Akepa Properties — When Is a Foreclosing Plaintiff’s “Lack of Standing” a Jurisdictional Defect and When Is It Not?
For too long most of our courts have cavalierly discriminated against homeowners by consciously or otherwise going out of their way to protect foreclosing plaintiffs, applying legal doctrines against mortgagors differently than in other areas of the law.

On today’s Seventh Anniversary Show, we will examine two such major areas of discrimination, the first involving the treatment of default notices, and the second the treatment of standing defects.

While progress is being made in our courts opposing such discrimination against homeowners, it will never end until more “Rosa Parks” among homeowners stand up and refuse to go to the back of the bus, as it were, and join together to protect their legal, often constitutional rights, still continuing to be too often thoughtlessly abused.

On today’s show, join John and me and learn how such discrimination is playing out in two important foreclosure defense areas on our Seventh Anniversary Show, as we begin our eighth year on KHVH AM Radio, beginning as weekly guests with our clients on the Rick Hamada Show in 2010, eventually hosting our own Foreclosure Hour on KHVH AM Radio and nationally on iHeart Radio for the past four years.

Gary Dubin

Gary Victor Dubin
Dubin Law Offices
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Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

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