Oh No! Santa May Have To Cancel Christmas!

On the Foreclosure Hour broadcast last Sunday on Honolulu’s KHVH radio, Host and top-rated Foreclosure Defense Attorney, Gary Dubin, received a call from the North Pole. It was from Santa Claus!

It appears Santa may be the victim of a wrongful foreclosure.

Santa told Mr. Dubin that he received a notice from the Bank of the North Pole that there had been a foreclosure and the bank was evicting the Claus family from their 200-year-old home.

Santa sounded quite panicked because the notice said that the bank would be changing the locks at noon on December 25th… on Christmas Day!  Santa didn’t know at this point whether he could leave the North Pole on Christmas Eve to deliver presents and stated he might have to cancel Christmas. Santa pleaded with Gary Dubin for help.

Listen here to the phone call from Santa Claus on the Foreclosure Hour.

Santa Claus told Gary Dubin that he and Mrs. Claus had made all of their payments and just couldn’t understand how this was happening.

Mr. Dubin promised he would thoroughly investigate the matter and do whatever he could to help Santa and save Christmas.

Wrongful Foreclosure can happen to anyone, apparently even Santa Claus.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the week to see if Santa’s home and workshop will be spared. Listen here to the Foreclosure Hour and tune in Christmas Eve, next Sunday at 3pm (HST).

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One thought on “Oh No! Santa May Have To Cancel Christmas!

  1. Very Creative. Santa and I, have been out of our home due to wrongful foreclosure but we still have clarity, conviction and good cheer. Happy Holidays!

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