Denied a Loan Modification or Refinance from Bank of America?

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wright-schulte-logoThanks to Investigator Bill Paatalo for bringing this class action to our attention.


Bank of America Lawsuit Information

The U.S. Government introduced the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) as part of the Making Home Affordable (MHA) plan to stabilize the housing market. Under this federal loan modification program, monthly mortgage payments were reduced by modifying components such as interest rates, maturity date, and even loan principal.

Several homeowners benefited from this loan modification program, but if you were a Bank of America customer you may have been wrongly denied this benefit. The U.S. Department of Justice has uncovered several facts suggesting that Bank of America intentionally delayed or wrongfully denied homeowners requests for refinancing their mortgage. B of A delayed or denied…

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Investigator Bill Paatalo: FOIA Request Reveals Servicer’s “Justification” For Fraud In Obtaining Limited Power Of Attorney From FDIC

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This FOIA response from the FDIC dated June 29, 2017 contains a request to renew CIT Bank, N.A.’s “Limited Power of Attorney” from the FDIC regarding the failed IndyMac Bank, fsb and IndyMac Federal Bank, fsb. The “Justification” for CIT Bank’s request states as follows:


We have undertaken a thorough review of our books, records, and existing loan files for all Group 2 loans and believe we have completed assignments into the appropriate entity for both portfolios where appropriate, available, and where such a need for an assignment is…

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OK, We Fabricated and Forged the Documentation. So What?

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As Bill Paatalo (who brought this to my attention) says: “You can’t make this s–t up.” Reality is much stranger than fiction. This marks the point where we have entered the Twilight Zone in law where the rule of law is just a guidepost not to be confused with the real rule of men.

Sheila Bair  was forced out of the Chairmanship of the FDIC by Geithner when it became obvious that this was a game she was unwilling to play. Even worse she was making her opposition public, essentially saying that the government was becoming complicit in a criminal conspiracy (not her exact words, publicly but evidence suggests she said exactly that to Geithner and probably Obama).

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Ratification of Void Assignments to REMIC Trust is Clear Nonsense

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The Yvanova string of cases in California are based upon some vague notion of whether a void assignment (e.g., past the cutoff date) could be ratified by the trust, trustee or trust beneficiaries.

Firstly, the trust can only operate through a trustee. That is black letter law in every state. In REMIC Trusts the Trustee has no such power. If the Trustee attempted to do so it would not only be void, in accordance with the New York law allowing the creation of common law trusts, it would also be against the interests of the beneficiaries and for the interests of the Trustee, a claim that has been levied against U.S. Bank for example on multiple occasions.

Further, no trust exists under the laws of any state in which no assets are entrusted to the Trustee who is an active manager of actual assets. Since that description is accurate…

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