Paragraph 22, The Notice of Default and Right To Cure: How To Use This Most Overlooked Foreclosure Defense To Defeat Summary Judgment and Win at Trial

Your Host: Attorney Gary Victor Dubin
Co-Host:  Former Hawaii Governor John D. Waihee 

(Foreclosure Workshop #16: Rebroadcast from July 17, 2016)

This important broadcast, first exclusively airing on The Foreclosure Hour on July 17, 2016, is being repeated because homeowners are still largely under-using this powerful weapon against foreclosure, given the sloppiness and dishonesty of loan servicers, although it is available in virtually every mortgage and deed of trust situation.

John Waihee and I are pleased to have heard from many of our listeners that since that first broadcast they have used this defense successfully and easily to defeat summary judgments, even when pro se, but too many homeowners and even their counsel are still inexcusably overlooking this powerful defense.

Not only will the use of this knowledgeable almost always defeat a foreclosure summary judgment no matter in what jurisdiction a borrower resides, but it can also result in a foreclosure action being dismissed entirely and with prejudice, or result in an extremely attractive settlement once your pretender lender and its loan servicer and their attorneys for a change have their backs embarrassingly up against an evidentiary wall.

All a borrower facing foreclosure needs to know about this “bunker buster” foreclosure defense mega-weapon is contained within this one hour rebroadcast. You cannot afford to miss a minute of it.

This is, moreover, just another glaring example of how vulnerable foreclosure rules really are in court once one understands both how to use evidentiary objections correctly and why most judges, far from stupid or corrupt, have nevertheless become brainwashed into mistakenly believing blindly that borrowers facing foreclosure are just deadbeats who have not paid their mortgages and whose arguments are not worthy of evidentiary review.

You will also gain valuable insight from this rebroadcast into how judges historically have become misled by the legal system’s defective rule reasoning, what we have termed “The Rule Ritual,” mistaking “Rule Statements” for “Rules,” which homeowners with an increased understanding can, by turning the tables on lenders as it were, use to their winning benefit.

Please join John Waihee and me for the rebroadcast of our Foreclosure Workshop #16, and you will quickly gain this uniquely specialized knowledge, as many of our listeners already successfully have, about Paragraph 22, that could well save your home from foreclosure and your family from eviction.




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Foreclosure Workshop #16:

Paragraph 22, The Notice Of Default And Right To Cure — How To Use  This Most Overlooked
Foreclosure Defense To Defeat Summary Judgment And Win At Trial

(click here to listen)




1 thought on “Paragraph 22, The Notice of Default and Right To Cure: How To Use This Most Overlooked Foreclosure Defense To Defeat Summary Judgment and Win at Trial

  1. Reblogged this on boglinwordpresscom and commented:
    I hope I’m able to listen. Critical timing, even though I’m in a nonjudicial foreclosure state. No default notice YET, but they keep adding fees they know I cant afford while in a Bkrpcy 13, and in a permanent HAMP agreement, that doesn’t mention any fees beside P & I and Escrow. Thanks for the rebroadcast, Deadly Clear!

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