New Strategies: Request for Comments from Attorneys and Interested Parties

Please address comments suggestions, case law and statutes to the following email address: I am currently looking at a few new strategies. I will briefly outline them here not as recommendations but as possibilities that I think deserve exploration. As part of the collaborative effort of the LivingLies blog started in 2007 I am…

  1. RECENT QUOTE: “The document which I signed as a Mortgage was in fact an Initial Intent to Issue Mortgage-Backed Securities using my name, my home, my signature and my reputation as a collateral to sell and resell  myriads of times by all possible companies, without any disclosures to me and without my consent to be sold like a cow.

“Of course nobody disclosed me profits received from selling my home and my private information several times a day; and make millions by trading on my name and reputation.”


Source: New Strategies: Request for Comments from Attorneys and Interested Parties