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Business As Usual: Wells Fargo’s $70 Million Settlement an Insult to Defrauded Homeowners

Ha Ha Ha….Behind them… Hysterically funny!

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Bank lying Wells Fargo- We will NEVER Fabricate or Robosign Another Foreclosure Document- We Promise.

By William Hudson


Wells Fargo agreed to pay a $70 million penalty to end its five-year battle to settle claims over fraudulent foreclosure practices in the wake of the financial crisis- yet, Wells Fargo is continuing the same foreclosure practices they claim to have halted- while our elected officials pretend that Wells is in compliance with the National Mortgage Settlement.  Banks create the illusion of ownership and compliance while government creates the illusion of enforcement- the homeowner is doomed.  The parasitic relationship between banking and government is destroying the fabric of America.

Five years ago, Wells Fargo and other banks settled allegations that they’d fraudulently endorsed and fabricated legal papers used in home foreclosures and last year, the OCC imposed restrictions on Wells Fargo and the usual culprits because they hadn’t met settlement demands.  Yet these…

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The banks won’t stop until the computer systems and their patents are confiscated and destroyed. It is a “seamless automation” system of corruption. Although there are minions viewing computer screens, it is really the computer system that processes the applicant. Although the system was designed with safeguards and fraud detection, it can be and has been relaxed. The homeowner enters the rabbit hole and becomes part of the system that is designed to force default in order to keep the banks liquid…afloat.

Why are we surprised that they are continuing the same process? If we want them to stop – fines, settlements and sanctions – even prison – won’t kill the computer system. Our war is with corrupt technology. You have to completely eradicate it first before we will see any real change.

This is phase 3. The system started before the S&L crisis; and ramped up again after 2002 (RTC vs. KeyFinancial). Now the system is pushed again…very little change but same intent and outcome.

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Underwater home mortgage. by William Hudson

When borrower credit requirements are lowered, housing prices rise in response.  Flat wages and an employment market composed of part-time jobs paying minimum wage should inhibit home ownership- but, alas, Wells Fargo has a solution!  In fact- it’s the same solution they had back in the early 200s when they gave out loans to unqualified buyers, knowing the loans would fail, and then bet against their own investments- while knowing future government (tax payer) subsidies would fund any claims of “loss”.  It was one of the most perfectly orchestrated criminal schemes ever perpetuated on the American public- that continues to this day.

The second wave of the market crash has now appeared on the horizon and with a slow down in the real estate market- the Fed and the Banks must again resort to drastic measures to incentivize prospective buyers into the market. The nation’s largest lender,

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NY Applies Simple Rule on Statute of Limitations

It is obvious now, we’ll likely have to have several cases make it to the Supreme Court of the United States before we will have cooperation and judges following the rule of law. We are really going to miss Justice Scalia. The judiciary, at all levels, are too highly invested in Wall Street to rule for the homeowners – it jeopardizes their own pension funds and investments.

Maybe we need a crash in order to level the playing field and get back to a more ethical society because the next one will wipe out the rest of the pension and retirement funds… Unless we are too stupid to stop Congress from bailing out the banks – again. The only people another bailout will save are government employee (judges and legislators) pensions and retirement funds. Those of us not on cushy gov’t paychecks have already lost our savings and what we do have is not in the stock market or in the bank…if we are smart.

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“The issue really boils down to the question of whether we are going to apply simple direct rules that favor nobody in particular (blind justice — remember that?) or if the Courts are going to create monumental complexity and uncertainty under their past “Theory of Everything,” to wit: let the banks keep coming back until they win. This theory obviously ignores completely the doctrine of Finality and further construes due process in a way that will come back to bite the courts.”

see http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2016/05/24/hsbc-v-clark-moore-ny-sc-as-this-action-is-time-barred-it-cannot-be-commenced-again-and-the-controversy-has-therefore-reached-an-ultimate-outcome/
So we have a very simple case with a very simple conclusion on the issue of statute of limitations. The premise is simple — what you do, in a legal sense, always matters if it is relevant. There is nothing more relevant than an alleged lender sending a notice of delinquency followed by a notice of acceleration informing the “borrower” that their debt is now due…

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Tonight’s Guest on the Neil Garfield Show: On the Heels of Yvanova come Sciarratta and Gieseke

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legal-room  California Foreclosure Justice

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Or call in at (347) 850-1260, Tonight at 6 pm EST Thursday.

The legal landscape is changing in California.  After a foreclosure drought, Yvanova opened a floodgate of new decisions that bolster a homeowner’s right to challenge a fraudulent foreclosure pre- and post-sale.

Joining us tonight on the Neil Garfield Show is San Diego attorney Charles Marshall who had a case vacated in Gieseke v. Bank ofAmerica, when BOA won on summarily without having to provide an oral argument based on a lack of standing.  The case was remanded the case back to District Court where it will be reconsidered. Gieseke Remand Order 5 20 16 from 9th Circuit.

Charles will discuss Gieseke in regards to the recent California Yvanova and Keshtgar decisions.
Marshall Law
Attorney Charles Marshall
415 Laurel Street, Suite 405 San…

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Gieseke-The “Creditor” consists of the Investors not Servicer

It too the courts long enough – didn’t it?!

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2685802_orig The Illusion of Creditor

Gieseke Remand Order 5 20 16 from 9th Circuit (3)

“As it stands, the “creditor” consists of all investors in all trusts created by each investment bank. But nobody is acting as if that is true.”


And for those who thought they could get away with lying and cheating forever, let me say this: anyone can get away with almost anything — at first. But eventually if you keep doing it you are going to pay the price. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (Federal) has made it clear that it will routinely reverse any decision that involves the trial court accepting void assignments or in which the court rules that the borrower has no standing to raise the issue of ownership and standing based upon…

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Mortgage Assignments: Assignment of a Mortgage Without the Underlying Note is A Nullity

Oh, how naive people are. These transactions are not traditional mortgage loans.


In re Cornerstone Homes, Inc., 544 B.R. 492 (Bankr. W.D. N.Y. 2015)

A chapter 11 trustee sought a judgment that a series of mortgages were unenforceable as a matter of law because the written assignments transferring them to the current mortgagees were insufficient. If the trustee prevailed, the mortgage loans would be transformed from secured to unsecured claims.

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Foreclosure Fraud Is Supposed to Be a Thing of the Past, But It Happens Every Day

You can’t repeat these words enough!

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old-mortgage-deed-7611736.jpgBy David Dayen


Every day in America, people continue to be kicked out of their homes based on false documents. The settlements over allegations of robosigning, faulty paperwork, and illegal mortgage servicing didn’t end the misconduct. And law enforcement, along with most judges and politicians, have looked away in the mistaken belief that they wrapped up a scandal that just goes on and on.

My new book, Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street’s Great Foreclosure Fraud, is about three foreclosure victims who ended up doing more investigation of the corrupt U.S. mortgage industry than any state or federal law enforcement or regulatory official.

They exposed the mass production of false mortgage documents in courthouses and county records offices across the country.

It’s a work of history, depicting events that occurred from 2009 to 2012. But it’s a living history, and that’s one of…

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Elizabeth Warren Calls On Americans To Fight Wall Street

Justice League

On Tuesday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) headlined an event that launched a new coalition calling itself “Take On Wall Street.”

The group includes lawmakers like Warren, Reps. Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Nydia Velazquez (D-NY), labor leaders like the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka and the AFT’s Randi Weingarten, as well as civil rights groups, community groups, and the organizing giant Move On. It aims to put pressure on lawmakers at all levels to pass stricter rules governing the financial system.

Operating on two principles — “No cheating, and no pushing the risks on taxpayers,” as Warren put it — it’s making five key demands: breaking up the biggest banks; ensuring access to non-predatory banking products, including through the United States Post Office; ending the carried interest tax loophole that allows hedge fund managers to use a tax break for investment income on the income they make at work; reining in executive…

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Vista, CA is feeling the Bern at Sunday’s afternoon rally

Good report!

Justice League

Written by Biloxi

Disclosure: This is not to persuade any  Justice League readers in this political race. It is your right to exercise your vote on the candidate of your choosing. Get out and vote!

I decided to take a very long drive to San Diego this afternoon to attend Bernie Sanders rally for my own view of the rally since his rally is much talked about  in the media with the massive crowd by Sanders’ supporters. And all I can say is that there were alot of people at the rally and it took over close to 2 hours for the long line of people to enter the rally. While I was in line, I did talk to alot of milleniums in line ( and there were a lot young people attending the rally). They are not as dumb as the media make them appear to be. Some of…

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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Did Wells Fargo pay off new mayor’s mortgage?

Powerful, yeah? I know a mayor got kinda the same deal only it cost the county $40-odd million in a bad securities deal.

Justice League

The painful legacy of the great real estate swindle

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee takes a look at news across the HousingWire weekend desk, with more coverage to come on bigger issues.

Crime may not pay, but politics certainly does, and not just with hard cash.

According to the Clarion-Ledger, when Tony Yarber was elected to the office of mayor in Jackson, Mississippi, Well Fargo paid off his mortgage.

That may be two years ago, but Yarber is not shy about discussing the event.

“Bank records show that Wells Fargo authorized the release of the remaining lien, $91,621.94, on April 22, 2014, the day of his election. Essentially, they wrote it off, Yarber said.”

“Wells Fargo said don’t worry about sending no more money,” he said to local reporter Anna Wolfe.

Yarber, a pastor, delivered a sermon declaring the lien extinguished, mentioning being part of the “very unfortunate…

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