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N.Y. Regulators Say 11 Lenders Will Monitor, Maintain Vacant Properties

Originally posted on Justice League:

New York regulators said Monday that 11 lenders have agreed to monitor and maintain vacant properties in an effort to protect them and combat neighborhood blight.

The banks, mortgage companies and credit unions represent nearly 70 percent of the New York market and will adopt practices to limit damage from so-called “zombie properties,” according to the Department of Financial Services. They agreed to best practices that include checking within 60 days any residential properties that are delinquent on loans to begin determining if they are abandoned, the department said.

The 11 lenders are Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi Mortgage, Ocwen, Nationstar, PHH, Green Tree Servicing, Astoria Bank, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, M&T Bank and Ridgewood Savings Bank.

“The wave of zombie properties that arose in the wake of the financial crisis harms local communities and threatens the long-term health of the mortgage market,” department Superintendent Ben Lawsky said. Many…

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Deadly Clear:

Thank you Dave for telling it like it is! Karma! It’s a bitch!

Originally posted on Clouded Titles Blog:

The following items are the author’s opinions only and do NOT constitute the rendering of legal advice.  If you find any documents produced by a Butler & Hosch attorney in your chains of titles, it is suggested that you immediately alert your attorney of record that this law firm was named in six different instances in the Osceola County Real Property Records Forensic Examination, with multiple probable causes of action for criminal behavior.  Whether or not these allegations are actually investigated and prosecuted is up to the Sheriff’s Department. To date, we’ve heard nothing as to the results of the investigation.

I do not feel the least bit sorry for the 700 employees (and attorneys) who were laid off (without getting a dime) because Butler & Hosch couldn’t financially support the continued “taking” of properties by whatever means necessary, which includes attorney-drafted documents that were allegedly sent to servicers for their…

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Were Bank Settlements Really Payments of Extortion to the Department of Justice??

Deadly Clear:

Hopefully, Judge Cote meant “defective loan [products]”. For the intended purpose of securitization and rehypothecation it was the method and device that the banks used to procure the collateral that was deceptive as well as defective.

Originally posted on Justice League:

Congratulations are in order to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which has managed to bring a case to trial against Nomura Holdings and the Royal Bank of Scotland, two foreign banks with little U.S. reputational risk. This relatively obscure agency oversees Fannie Maeand Freddie Mac. Considering they have nowhere near the power of our federal regulators and prosecutors at our esteemed Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, the victory is a strong step in the right direction.

New York Times editorial (May 15, 2015), congratulated the government for its” big victory” against the two banks which had been deceiving investors about the mortgage securities they had been “peddling.” In no uncertain terms, a federal judge ruled that the “two banks misled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in selling them mortgage bonds that contained “numerous errors and misrepresentation.”

“The magnitude of falsity, conservatively measured, is enormous,” Judge Denise L. Cote of Federal District Court in Manhattan wrote in a…

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Tom Ice Uncovers Robowitness Script!

Originally posted on Livinglies's Weblog:

see http://www.dailybusinessreview.com/id=1202726876952/Thomas-Ice-Ocwen-Lawyer-SpoonFed-Questions-and-Answers-to-RoboWitnesses#ixzz3acD4fkZE

It was no surprise that the script existed for the “corporate representatives” who testify in court. And it shouldn’t be any surprise that Tom Ice uncovered it. These are robo-witnesses. In nearly all cases, the witness never worked for the bank or servicer other than testifying to facts they knew nothing about. If you sit in any foreclosure courtroom you will hear the exact same questions and the exact same answers every time for every bank and every servicer.

As many of us have previously pointed out — these scripts are obviously prepared by lawyers and used by lawyers who treat these witnesses like trained monkeys. Some lawyers have gotten into trouble for fabricated documents. Now it looks like they will get into trouble for fabricating testimony.

So you have a witness who might never have worked for any bank or servicer testifying as to their confidence that…

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Overheard In The FX Rigging “Cartel” Chatroom: “Mess This Up And Sleep With One Eye Open

Deadly Clear:

And the judges are ruling for the crooks – why?

Originally posted on Justice League:

As promised, the Justice Department has extracted guilty pleas in FX rigging cases involving JP Morgan, Citi, RBS, and Barclays and as we said twice last week and once this morning, the banks received waivers which ensured that none of the penalties that should rightfully be associated with those pleas will actually apply to the banks.

What do traders say to one another when conspiring to rig a $5 trillion-a-day market you ask?  Here are some examples from the Barclays consent order:

One particular chat room, referred to by the participating traders and other traders as the “Cartel” included FX traders from Citigroup, JP Morgan, UBS, RBS and Barclays who specialized in trading the Euro.

One Barclays FX trader, when he became the main Euro trader for Barclays in 2011, wasdesperate to be invited to join the Cartel because of the trading advantages from sharing information with the…

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This Former Bank Regulator Quit His Job to Fight For His House

Deadly Clear:

A new hero!

Originally posted on Justice League:

Eric Mains is fulfilling a dream many Americans have had since the onset of the financial crisis seven years ago: He’s attacking fraud in the banking industry as aggressively as he can, using every possible tool under the law to achieve justice —and win some money back for himself.

Mains, a former team leader with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), has become so bitterly embroiled in a six-year dispute with his mortgage lender that he left the regulatory agency, fearing that he might have to eventually name it as a defendant in a federal lawsuit. He’s one of a small yet determined band of people still fighting foreclosure (the seizure of property) cases with obscure and sometimes arcane arguments, built on a simple yet mind-blowing premise: The true ownership of millions of mortgages issued during the housing bubble was fatally corrupted, and now it’s impossible to prove who actually…

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Cash flow to Florida’s foreclosure courts is being cut off

Deadly Clear:

If the judges would just throw the complaints with fraudulent, forged, robo-signed documents out with prejudice – it would cost less and they wouldn’t need extra money.

Originally posted on PostNOW:

012315-foreclosure-6 Senior Judge Richard B. Burk presides over foreclosure court Thursday, January 22, 2015. (Lannis Waters / The Palm Beach Post)

Florida’s foreclosure courts have been getting an extra allowance the past two years to expedite cases, but the cash flow is about to be cut off.

More than $21 million budgeted in 2013 to add judicial manpower to the bench expires June 31.

Without the added cash, attorneys are predicting a mixed bag of confusion as cases are transferred to different divisions, but also benefits to homeowners who may get a single judge dedicated to their case.

“The legislature gave us enough money to get to the five-yard line, but it would have been nice to get across the goal line,” said Palm Beach County Chief Judge Jeffrey Colbath.

Still, Florida’s once overflowing foreclosure system has tamed its backlog. Statewide, just 109,706 foreclosures were pending in January, a 66 percent…

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6th Circuit Reverses Trial Court on RICO Against BofA, Law firm, et al

Originally posted on Livinglies's Weblog:

For more information please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688



SEE http://www.troydoucet.com/racketeering-lawsuit-over-robo-signing-can-proceed/


The key element here is the Court’s determination that the lawyers were misleading the court by characterizing the homeowner’s claim as seeking damages for a false assignment. The Sixth Circuit correctly analyzed the situation and arrived at the simple conclusion: if BOA didn’t have any right to foreclose the mortgage then it doesn’t matter whether or not the homeowner defaulted.

The importance of this finding, finally, in a somewhat conservative court cannot be understated. It might well be as important as the Jesinoski decision. The reason it is so important is that this means that the primary assumption by virtually all courts in the land is turned upside down. That assumption is that if the borrower defaulted it doesn’t matter who is…

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NY AG Schneiderman takes down law firm in mortgage rescue scheme

Originally posted on Justice League:

A law firm with offices in Brooklyn and Florida saw its fraudulent mortgage rescue practice shut down Wednesday when a New York State Supreme Court judge ordered it to halt its activities. Litvin Law Firm and Litvin, Torrens & Associates, led by attorney Gennady Litvin, had been charging customers across the country hundreds of dollars in monthly fees, typically $595 or $750, for services they claimed would help avoid foreclosure. In fact, the firm does not have a nationwide presence and was not even licensed to represent many of the people who were paying fees. Some “clients” never spoke to an attorney. Others were duped by promises of “forensic loan audits” and “a level of service that usually is only enjoyed by large corporate clients,” and found the services had very little value in saving their homes. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman hit them with a lawsuit last year after hearing…

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Sen. Bernie Sanders exposed 18 CEOs who took trillions in bailouts, evaded taxes and outsourced jobs

Originally posted on Justice League:

It’s worth repeating again since Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for President in 2016 and has been spot on about Wall Street. Sanders exposed those corporate dodgers that took trillions in bailouts:

Sanders said,

There really is no shame. The Wall Street leaders whose recklessness and illegal behavior caused this terrible recession are now lecturing the American people on the need for courage to deal with the nation’s finances and deficit crisis. Before telling us why we should cut Social Security, Medicare and other vitally important programs, these CEOs might want to take a hard look at their responsibility for causing the deficit and this terrible recession.

Our Wall Street friends might also want to show some courage of their own by suggesting that the wealthiest people in this country, like them, start paying their fair share of taxes. They might work to end the outrageous corporate loopholes, tax…

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