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  1. D Ratigan comments above are some of the most coherent I’ve ever heard. We’ve been fighting US Bank, et al, for ten years. Four servicers, three trustees later, and they’ve used every dirty trick in the book from fabrication of documents (forging of our original application docs to robo sign to fraud on the court) We are currently at an appeals stage in our 11th year.

    Catherine Austin Fitts uses the term “harvesting” the American consumer.

    Each state needs to be divided into counties and we start one case at a time.


  2. Australians are asked by Abolish The Bankers to email with a request that there are investigations into the Australian bank regulators claims that moneylaundering by Al Quada was ‘not APRA’s area of expertise’. MacroBusiness and many others want an independent investigation into Australia’s bank regulator – and into officials who tried to procure information about investigations that found Al Quada was using Australian banks. US Pension Funds in Mass CO CA and TX are suing Australia’s biggest bank because the funds weren’t aware that Australian bankers were violating counterterrorism laws, and many people think that foreign rackets should be investigated by US agencies. Please let your Aussie friends know. Cheers

  3. Hi! I am trying to find someone that has experience with Fannie Mae Mortgage Back Securities.

    Specifically, I need to know if loan numbers are listed somewhere within the pool? I have been searching on Fannie Mae’s tool, Pooltalk and I think I found my loan. The issue date, maturity date, original balance, and terms all match but I want to confirm with the loan number, if possible? Thank you in advance.

  4. Hey all just thought you might like to know on re-posting your articles to FaceBook… something I have done for yewars… now I am getting a message from FaceBook stating “error performing query”…. just thought I should pass it on.

  5. This has happened in Houston as well. We are trying to retain a lawyer to help us fight this demonic entity. Please contact me if there someone has started a class action lawsuit against them or would like to start a class action law suite! please contact me at

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