Finra sets up hotline for fired Wells Fargo brokers

This ought to be interesting…

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The brokerage industry’s self-regulator has asked employees fired by Wells Fargo & Co. WFC, -2.38%   and stripped of their securities registrations to come forward if they have concerns over their treatment, the latest sign of growing scrutiny on the bank.

The request from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or Finra, comes as lawmakers question whether Wells Fargo wrongfully fired employees who pushed back on questionable sales practices and sometimes mischaracterized their behavior on their industry records.

In response to an inquiry by Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), Ron Wyden (D., Ore.), and Bob Menendez (D., N.J.), Finra has said that more than 600 Wells Fargo employees fired during the five-year period that encompassed the bank’s cross-selling scandal had received termination filings known as Form U5s. Such forms document the reasons for the dismissal of brokerage employees, and negative justifications can hinder an adviser from gaining employment elsewhere in the…

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Prudential stops distribution of policy sold through Wells Fargo

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U.S. insurer Prudential Financial Inc (>> Prudential Financial Inc) said on Monday it had suspended the distribution of a low-cost life insurance policy through Wells Fargo & Co (>> Wells Fargo & Co), pending a review of how the product was sold by the bank.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones told Reuters on Monday he had ordered an investigation into allegations, the latest regarding Wells Fargo’s sales practices, that retail bankers signed up customers for life insurance policies from Prudential without their permission.

The New Jersey Division of Insurance is also investigating, according to a Prudential spokesman and a news release from Jones’s office. Spokesmen for the New Jersey office had no immediate comment.

The allegations are part of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by three former managers in Prudential’s corporate investigation division. The lawsuit was filed in New Jersey state court last week.
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Happy Holidays: The US government is taking a two-week break from foreclosing on homes

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American homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments will get a small break from the government this holiday season: They won’t be evicted until after the new year.  What a treat- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will temporarily cease stealing homes they don’t own for two short weeks.

The Federal National Mortgage Association, better known as Fannie Mae, which is operated by the federal government, said it will not evict homeowners between Dec. 19, 2016, and Jan. 2, 2017, though legal proceedings may continue. Fannie Mae declined to say how many families the hiatus would affect.

Since the housing crisis began in 2007, the US government has stood behind the mortgage market, rushing in as banks rushed out. In 2008, it nationalized the two largest holders of mortgage loans, Fannie Mae and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac). Fannie and Freddie guarantee and securitize loans made…

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New York unveils bill of rights for borrowers facing foreclosure

Obama may have done nothing for homeowners in the last 8 years except provide a HAMP scam – but at least the great state of New York is setting a precedent.

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State takes final steps to implement new foreclosure laws


December 7, 2016

The state of New York is taking the next step in its fight against abandoned foreclosures and neighborhood blight by unveiling a consumer bill of rights for borrowers facing foreclosure.

The consumer bill of rights is part of series of “sweeping” new laws announced by the state earlier this year designed to reform the state’s foreclosure process and address the state’s issues with abandoned foreclosures, also called zombie homes. New York has one of the longest foreclosure timelines in the nation, averaging 1,070 days to foreclose in the third quarter.

According to the office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the new laws combat the blight of vacant and abandoned properties by expediting the rehabilitation, repair and improvement of these properties, and enable the state to assist homeowners facing foreclosure.

Additionally, the new laws also impose a pre-foreclosure…

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Whistleblower Didn’t Live to See Landmark Allied Mortgage Verdict, Taxpayers Recover $92 Million

Peter Belli died in 2012, according to online news reports. Whistleblowers typically receive a share of the fines and online reports suggest his share will flow to his estate. Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corp. and Allied Home Mortgage and its CEO Jim Hodges, are expected to appeal the decision. ProPublica has written extensively on Allied Home Mortgage’s troubles. Check out their most recent story for more details on the case.

Justice League

In May, 2011, Peter Belli filed a complaint in Boston. With guidance from whistleblower experts at Mahany Law, he accused Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation of massive mortgage fraud in a False Claims Act “qui tam” whistleblower lawsuit.

Over five years later, and after a trial that lasted five weeks, a jury found both the corporation and its CEO, Jim Hodge, guilty of knowingly representing to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that certain loans were properly prepared and eligible for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insurance, when in fact they were not.

Belli had managed several Allied branches in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Arizona, and other states. He was thus in an ideal position to observe Allied Capital’s fraudulent practices, and he was determined to bring the scheme to light. Unfortunately, he passed away before the verdict came out only days ago in Texas. The move to a Texas court had been…

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Sen. Merkley intros bill to give Wells Fargo victims day in court

Way to go Jeff!

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Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., announced Monday that he has joined 14 of his colleagues to introduce legislation, the Justice for Victims of Fraud Act of 2016, to give Wells Fargo customers who were victims of a fraudulent account scheme their day in court.

The senator said Wells Fargo is using the forced arbitration clauses it tucked away in the fine print of contracts customers signed when they opened legitimate accounts to prevent the Wells Fargo customers with fraudulently opened accounts who were harmed from joining together and taking Wells Fargo to court.

“What Wells Fargo did was outrageous,” Merkley said. “Opening millions of fraudulent accounts was a jaw-dropping betrayal of their customers’ trust, and one that had a real cost for many consumers. Whether it’s fraudulent fees or a falsely-damaged credit score, consumers should have every recourse when it comes to these violations—especially since customers never actually agreed to…

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Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary: Lackey for the TBTF Banks

The TBTF banks are so far gone that there is probably little Mnuchin can do to stave off the inevitable. No doubt there is an Oligarchy – whether they planted Mnuchin and Ross is yet to be seen. Maybe the realities of the rigged system caused a tad bit of conscience to develop since there servicer-related escapades.

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Mnuchin was and remains “the guy between the guys.” Billed as the organizer of OneWest his role was to provide a layer between the founders and the rest of the world. His prospective appointment As Secretary of the US Treasury means that the TBTF banks would have a lackey to do what the banks wanted the US Treasury to do.

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It is reported that OneWest foreclosed on 40,000 homes. I have already described to you that Foreclosures sponsored or initiated by OneWest were very often done in the name of another entity. For example, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Those are not counted in the number of homes foreclosed by OneWest. My experience is that…

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Fed official stands by Wall Street reforms, says must complete work

Over $700 TRILLION in derivative debt, not to mention $3.4 TRILLION of unfunded (gambled away) state and union pension and retirement funds all across the country… yeah, ya think the TBTF needs to end? I’d say the sooner the better …and better late than never!

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The United States “absolutely must” complete unfinished work ending the too-big-to-fail bank problem that helped plunge the global economy into recession eight years ago, an influential Federal Reserve policymaker said on Saturday.

In remarks that appeared to pre-empt President-elect Donald Trump, who has promised to roll back Wall Street regulations, New York Fed President William Dudley said much progress has been made making the financial system “less prone to panics.”

“Still,” he said in prepared remarks, “there is more to do before we can say that we have ended ‘too big to fail.’ This is work that we absolutely must complete.”

Dudley’s comments, to a Group of 30 meeting of top world regulators, came a day after another powerful regulator at the U.S. central bank, Daniel Tarullo, also warned against “backsliding” after years of implementing the landmark 2010 Dodd-Frank financial-reform law.

Challenges especially remain in regulators safely and smoothly handling…

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First Look: New Linda Tirelli Suit Against Bank of America

Excellent! Now, as long as the judge’s mutual funds aren’t heavily invested in MBS or bank stocks there might be a fair and balanced decision.


Attorney Linda Tirelli, a rockstar in the arena of foreclosure defense, has just filed an adversarial bankruptcy suit in the Southern District of New York naming the following as defendants: Bank of America, Nationstar, U.S. Bank, and Recontrust. As many former and soon-to-be-former homeowners know, this group is a veritable rogue’s gallery of home/wealth/livelihood/sanity thieves and scam artists.  The fact that Tirelli is going after this financial mafia family is heartening, because Tirelli gets results.

So I read through her complaint, filed on November 29, 2016.  You can read it here.  What follows are my first impressions and sections of the complaint that stood out to me.

The Remedies

I am thrilled to see that Tirelli is going for the jugular with this complaint, and not shying away from what her client (and millions of people who are or have been in the same situation) truly deserves.  Namely…

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Fed’s Kashkari Releases Plan to End “Too Big To Fail,” Compares Banks to Terrorists

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When Neel Kashkari, a former Goldman Sachs banker who helped administer the U.S. Treasury Department’s bailout program during the 2008 financial crisis, was appointed as President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, I commented on his intent to break up the big Wall Street banks as either too good to be true, or a political smokescreen.
Mr. Kashkari had made addressing the “too big to fail” his signature issue. And, it looks as if he is holding true to his promise.
It’s also gratifying to see a Federal Reserve official voice some of the same ideas that my Bank Whistleblowers United colleagues have voiced. BWU has also called for increased capital as one action item needed to avoid another financial crisis.
In a recent speech to the Economic Club of New York , Mr. Kashkari unveiled a plan to end the systematic risk posed by U.S. banks by forcing them to hold a massive amount of capital

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