Bank Induced Defaults….and What the Government Knew

loan-modification-scam-avoid-companies-offeringIf you think you have your mortgage modification under control – STAY ALERT. Discussions with attorneys have indicated the banks are reneging on their modification agreements and settlements – even after judicial order. Servicers like Ocwen Loan Servicing are refusing Western Union payments and some servicers are peddling properties they have agreed by court order to reinstate to real estate brokers whose agents are spreading false rumors that homes are back in foreclosure. It is hard to understand how anyone in the real estate industry would ever touch a foreclosure – let alone set themselves up for a lawsuit by blatantly trying to sell a home not listed for sale by its legal owner.

Danielle Kelley, Attorneys at Law PLLC posted Bank Induced Defaults….and What the Government Knew – a brilliant synopsis of the modification scam industry. Continue reading